Monday, March 10, 2008

Suggested Reading and Other Tidbits

Not much time to post recently, but I have come across some interesting stories and tidbits that I wanted to share. Some of it's a little dated, but all are very interesting. Be sure to check out the Washington Post story on the Hillary Clinton campaign.

  • Peter Baker and Anne Kornblut did a wonderful story in the March 6 Washington Post on the dysfuntional Hillary Clinton campaign. It sounds like having a camera inside the Clinton campaign would be reality TV at its finest. Perhaps the chaos is a good thing, as the former First Lady is making quite the comeback. Even in Victory, Clinton Team is Battling Itself.
  • You could probably replace "Spain" with "Minnesota" in this headline and it would still be accurate. Spain's Socialists Prepare Economic Stimulus.
  • More on the light rail boondoggle, this time from Joe Soucheray at the Pioneer Press. Did I hear correctly that it's going to take about 35 minutes to get from one downtown to the other on the train? This project gets sillier every day. Have a Name for University Ave. Train? Oui!
  • This is an interesting account of Slayer's Reign in Blood tour in 1986-87. If I could travel back in time, I'd go back to 1986 so I could see Slayer and all of the old 80s thrash bands in their prime! Slayer's Reign in Blood Tour Recounted in April Issue of Decibel.
  • I picked up MLB 08: The Show for the PS3 this weekend. Normally, I hate console arcade baseball games, but this one may change my mind. It's very realistic and super fun to play. MLB O8: The Show.

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